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Creative Producer

As a creative producer, I offer creative direction and production management for photoshoots and digital content. My expertise includes campaign conceptualization, wardrobe and prop styling, location scouting, set design and construction, casting models, and booking crew. 

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CONCEPTUALIZATION TO PRESENTATION : Working closely with the client to understand the vision and create mood boards for the direction of the shoot. Book talent, hair, and makeup artists, photographers, and videographers. Creative direction on set to follow through with the vision and cohesive storyline.
Research, select, and acquire pieces to curate unique looks that reflect the client's vision. Accurately and impactfully translating the concept to editorial features as well as print and tv ad campaigns.

LOCATION & PROP STYLING:  Setting the scene in order to enhance and further tell the story of the project. Networking a wide variety of industry creatives to execute the vision.

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